ADHD Diversified

Dear ADHD - Goodbye 2021

December 20, 2021 MJ
ADHD Diversified
Dear ADHD - Goodbye 2021
Show Notes

It's been a hot minute (but more like a few months) since I've published anything. As it turns out, learner-mode can really wear a person out! 

I know my last Dear ADHD was only 2 episodes ago, but the time that's passed between them has been a lot longer than I'd expected. Time flies when you have ADHD, I suppose!

Anyway, this is the last letter and last episode of the year. Here's hoping for a sustained reboot in 2022. Thank you to everyone who sent me messages, emails, and everyone who's greeted me with a wonderful hello during the Live Q&As with the ADHD reWired Podcast Family. 

I see you, I hear you, and thank you for keeping me inspired and reigniting the reasons I launched this podcast in the first place.


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