ADHD Diversified

Representation Matters

May 13, 2022 MJ
ADHD Diversified
Representation Matters
Show Notes

It's the 2nd week of may, which means we're continuing with Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month in The U.S. and  Asian Heritage Month in Canada! 

In this episode, I talk about what representation means to me within the sphere of mental health, within the Asian community, in the ADHD community, and why it's important that under-represented communities need to be heard.

& I'm calling all my Asian friends with ADHD from around the world - - let's talk! Send me an email and get in touch:

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Wall of Awful from Brendan Mahan
- Brendan Mahan's Wall of Awful on HowToADHD: "Why is it hard to do something that should be easy?"
- Asian American Mental Health Stigma:  Why does it exist?
- Mental-Health among Asian Americans
- Global News (Canada) on Asian Heritage Month

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